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✓ Are you a CA dropout?

✓ Seeking a CA equivalent qualification and that too in shorter time duration?

✓ Aiming for elite global F&A career?

✓ Irritated by unsolicited counsel by all and sundry?

✓Can’t combat tension, panic depression and frustration?

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We are the best in helping Indian Students secure US CPA Degree Qualification. Our support to students' journey encompasses – Registration, Training, Exam Practice, Exam Scheduling, VISA Assistance, Accommodation Assistance during exam. We also help students in job placement after CPA Exam.


We help Indian Students pursue US CMA qualification. Our support ranges from the beginning till the stage of placements. Our services to students include – Registration, Training, Exam Practice, Exam Scheduling and so on.


UK ACCA course conducted by us offers opportunities to strategic and forward-looking finance professionals. The Course offers an exciting and rewarding career ever the dream of settling abroad.

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Why Choose Us

Our tailored courses, interactive sessions, and comprehensive resources are designed to tackle your challenges head-on, ensuring a smooth journey through your CA preparation

Extensive Video Lectures

Courses are offered through extensive video lectures covering all the subjects and topics as per the curriculum.

Highly Experienced Faculty

Videos have been prepared by expert faculty who enjoy proficiency in their respective professional domain.

Exhaustive Study Material

Exhaustive study material offered by expert faculty.

Robust Examination System

Under Robust Examination System exams are conducted chapter wise till you learn.

Maximum Practice Questions

Based on paper pattern and study material questions for practice are framed.

Doubt Solving Support

Doubt solving support is provided via dedicated email where doubts are solved within 24 hours.


The only online study platform across the country to offer mentorship support to all the students.

Support Till You Clear

Support to all the students is assured till they clear the examination on the course taken.

Learn Anytime Anywhere

Video lectures can be viewed with convenience of anywhere and anytime.

Your Goals

  • Passing CA Exam
  • Achieving Top Scores
  • Securing Lucrative Jobs
  • Getting Professional Recongnition
  • Becoming Sought-after Consultant

Our Support

  • Comprehensive Coaching Pedagogy
  • Regular Assessments
  • Strategic Preparation Plans
  • Expert Mentoring
  • Feedback and Guidance

Anxiety-Reduction Techniques

Personality Development

Performance Enhancing Techniques

A 5-Step Technique Containing Success Formula for
Converting Innate Potential into Real Superior Capabilities.

That Empowers You To Succeed In Your Exams With Flying Colours! Come And Experience

Ready To Launch Your CA Career?

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