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CA Foundation Course is the entrance level for CA Course. CA Foundation Course comprises of four papers – partially subjective and partially objective test. This level lays down the foundation to understand accounting principles and implications in the study of various kinds of accounts.


CA Intermediate is the second level exam in the Course for Chartered Accounting in India. It offers 8 subjects. It comprises of complete subjective paper pattern in 4 papers and combination of subjective and objective (70:30) for test of 4 papers. A student is expected to cover the Course in a period of 9 months. Both the groups carry 800 marks.


CA Final is the last level exam of CA Course in India. This level tests knowledge of students which they have acquired in 3 years of Article ship. It is a complete subjective paper pattern of papers and combined subjective and objective (70:30) for rest of the Course. CA Final consists of 8 subjects and the papers carry 800 marks.

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