After successfully passing Intermediate Examination, a student has to register for Final Course and Self-Paced Online Modules. The Final Course consists of two Groups - Group I and Group II.

Each group consists of three papers.

Registration Procedure
-ICAI has a centralised Self Service portal to manage the process of registration.
- All administrative interactions throughout the life cycle of students covering Intermediate and Final courses are done through this portal and there is no need for personal visit or submission of physical documents.
- Students need to submit self-attested documents online within the Self Service Portal.

Candidate has to visit https://www.icai.org/post/students-services to reach Self Service Portal for the process.

At the time of registration of Final course, students would be required to register for self-paced online module also. The form for final course registration will contain the facility to opt for the subject under self-paced online module Set C and Set D.

No separate fee is payable for registration of self-paced online modules, namely, SETs A, B, C and D.
After successful registration, students will be provided details to order study material through the Centralised Distribution System Portal, i.e., https://icai-cds.org/

Registration Fees
An eligible student shall register for Final Course on payment of the fee below:
Details Rupees (t) For Foreign Students (US$)
Final Registration Fee 22,000* $ 1,000

1 Students shall be admitted to Final Examination if
- He is registered for the Final Course.
- He has completed Practical Training, six months before the first day of the month in which the examination is to be held.
- He has successfully completed Advanced Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (Adv. IT & MCS).
- He has passed the Self-paced Online Modules.
2. Students shall pay Examination fees, as may be fixed by the Council for Final
3. The subjects of Final Course are classified into two groups with three papers

A candidate may appear in both the groups simultaneously or in one group in one examination and in the remaining group at any subsequent examination. He is declared to have passed the Final examination, if he passes both the groups
1. A candidate shall ordinarily be declared to have passed in both the groups simultaneously, if he-
- Secures at one sitting a minimum of 40% marks in each paper of each of the groups and minimum of 50% marks in the aggregate of all the papers of each of the groups;

- 2. A candidate shall be declared to have passed in a group if he-
- A secures at one sitting a minimum of 40% marks in each paper of group and minimum of 50% marks in the aggregate of all the papers of that group.
The criteria of negative marking in a paper or papers may be adopted having objective type questions in such a manner as may be specified from time to time.

A student who appeared in all the papers comprised in a Group/Unit and fails in one or more papers in that Group/Unit but secures a minimum of 60% marks in any paper(s) of that Group/Unit shall be eligible for exemption in that paper(s) in the next three following examinations.

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