Four self-paced online modules [SETS A, B, C and D] encompassing different fields, have been introduced for the first time in the Scheme of Education and Training. 

 Students can learn and qualify the modules at their own pace after qualifying the Intermediate level Examination.

- SET A and SET B would comprise of mandatory online modules, namely, Corporate and Economic Laws and Strategic Cost and Performance Management, respectively.

- SET C and SET D would comprise of online modules, wherein a basket of options would be made available to a student, and he can choose one each under each set from the options available to him.

Manner of learning

The learning modules/study materials for the Self-Paced Online Modules will be provided to the students in the form of eBooks. In case of SET A and SET B, physical copies would also be provided to students.

Registration Process

After qualifying Intermediate Examination the students have to register for Final Course.  At the time of registration of Final Course, students would be required to register for Self-Paced Online Module also.

About Examination

The assessment would be online by way of multiple choice questions: -Case scenario based for SETS A and B; 

- A combination of independent MCQs and case scenario based MCQs in case of subjects in SETS C and D.

- Expert knowledge is expected in SETS A and B, wherein all skills, namely, knowledge and comprehension, application and analysis and evaluation and synthesis would be assessed. 

- Working knowledge is expected in SETS C and D, wherein knowledge and comprehension and application and analysis would be assessed.

Requirement for passing Self-Paced Online Modules

- A student has to qualify these online modules (SETS) for appearing in Final Examination.

- The minimum marks for qualifying each module is 50%. 

- There is no restriction in the number of attempts. 

- Students would be permitted to change the subject opted for in SET C and SET D. 

- The marks obtained in Self-Paced Online Modules will not be aggregated with the marks obtained in the core papers for the purpose of assessment.


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